SDRAM Tutorial

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In this interactive flash website you will learn everything you need to know about how SDRAM memory works. The website includes explanations about SDRAM and SDARM controller, some technical data, simulation and quiz.

What is SDRAM? - An explanation what an SDRAM  is and what it is used for.

SDRAM Generations - The progress of the SDRAM models.

Technical Data - How an sdram is created and how it works.

SDRAM through the SDRAM controller - An explanation of how a typical SDRAM works, done through examining how the SDRAM's controler works.

Active simulation - An interactive simulation of an sdram controller depicted as a state machine, to better understand the process.

Quiz - Do you feel that you understand now? take a Quiz and find out.

The tutorial refers specifically to the XSA SDRAM but is relevant for any SDRAM.

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